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Think Dignity is a nonprofit that inspires, empowers, and organizes the San Diego community to advance basic dignity for those living on the streets. Join our movement.
Today, we assume the mantle of Dignity Defenders.
There are certain lines that must not be crossed, and we are here to hold that line.
We hereby commit ourselves to defending the dignity of all peoples.
Working together we can advance basic dignity for those living on the streets.
A Think Dignity volunteer at our quarterly East Village Clean-Up said, "It was a really good way to make a positive connection with people on the streets."
At Think Dignity we understand everyone has a unique story - whether a mother, child, or veteran - and everyone is deserving of basic dignity.
The Transitional Storage Center provides over 400 individuals with a safe and dignified space to store their personal belongings. Basic dignity at its best.
Our Fresh Start Showers launched in April 2016 and provide homeless individuals in San Diego with access to showers, haircuts and clean clothing. This program is also a hub for individuals to access a variety of vital resources in an effort to transition them off the streets.
Basic Dignity


If you’re interested in joining Dignity Defenders contact Chelsea Richardson at chelsea@thinkdignity.org


In 2016 we achieved some impressive numbers, but there is always more to do. Help be the change, join our team now.

Clients served each day at the Transitional Storage Center


Total clients served since the opening of our Legal Clinics


Percent of your donations go directly to our programs


The Transitional Storage Center helped 100+ people off the streets

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  • D. May - A former client of the Center, D. May, said "The stress of worrying about what little bit I had left was a heavy burden (theft, weather, judgement). The storage center gave me freedom from worry and the ability to go to the library and seek employment and seek suitable clothing for employment, knowing I have a safe, clean, out-of-the-weather personal storage bin. My job search has been successful. I will once again be a productive member of society." -
  • Legal Clinic Testimonial - “Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to participate in these clinics. I really enjoyed it last night, and can't wait to sign up for my next one." -
  • Anonymous - The Military Discharge Upgrade presentation at the Community Legal Education Workshop by Attorney Jude Litzenberger was a very fulfilling and enlightening session. Thank you for all your dedicated efforts to our veteran community. -
  • Volunteer East Village Clean-Up - I found that the people on the streets were very appreciative and kind. I overheard one gentleman saying that he "had all that he needed" and he was homeless ... amazing perspective. It really helps all of us appreciate what we have and want to give back to those less fortunate. Thank you for the opportunity! -