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Why Become A Member of Think Dignity?

Becoming a Think Dignity member is one of the easiest ways to get involved with homeless advocacy. Your annual membership of only $25 helps us provide vital programming to our homeless neighbors in San Diego. Costing just over $2 per month, a Think Dignity membership includes invitations to quarterly membership mixers and a subscription to our monthly e-newsletter. 

Keep an eye out for our membership mixers in 2017 - more details in our monthly e-newsletters!

Please mark your calendar to join us at our upcoming Mixer:
Next event - December 13 - Ugly Sweater Contest - location TBD

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If you want to take your membership a step further, we invite you to join as a sustaining member
Your commitment as a sustaining donor helps us plan for the future and ensure the longevity of our programs. 

Types of Sustaining Memberships

  • $5/mo =         $ 60/year: Will provide a collection of undergarments for our Street Boutique. 
  • $10/mo =       $120/yearWill provide half a months' supply of providing water for those living on the streets.
  • $25/mo =       $300/year: Will sponsor fresh showers and hygiene packs for a person for an entire year.
  • $50/mo =       $600/year: Will sponsor one of our legal clinic sites where we help the indigent gain access to justice.
  • $100 a mo =  $1200/year: Will sponsor three lockers at our Transitional Storage Center for a year.

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As a Sustaining member you will get a $25 discount on your ticket purchase to the 2017 8th Annual Gala using the BuyNow button the bottom of this page.

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