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Survival Distribution


Survival Supplies Distribution:

In 2011, we began our signature distribution program providing much-needed survival supplies: underwear, socks, water, and hygiene products for the homeless. TD and its volunteers distribute these supplies to our displaced neighbors once a year in the winter.

2018 Distribution - Summer Edition:

Our upcoming Summer Survival Supply Distribution is just around the corner!
On Sunday, June 24th from 8am-12pm, we will be distributing necessities, such as sunblock, menstrual hygiene items, and clothing, to those living on the streets. We will be setting up on the corner of 14th and K St. (near the Petco Tailgate Parking Lot).

 If you or someone you know would like to donate items for or volunteer at this event, please contact Michelle Gastil at michelle@thinkdignity.org

If you are interested in supporting Think Dignity with an in-kind donation, for items we are always in need of, click here