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Decade of Dignity Gala 2016

Think Dignity has pioneered several unique community programs such as the Fresh Start Showers, Transitional Storage Center and Portland Loos. Decade of Dignity served as the organization's premier fundraising event to help aid said programs. 

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Changing Street Corners: The Intersection Between Older Women and Homelessness

Emmy McLarty, Anne Rios, and Olivia Zecchini
Think Dignity, 2016 
At the start of 2016, TD’s Board of Directors determined that an area of specific and focused concentration would be directed towards better understanding of the plight of women experiencing homelessness. A sub-committee was formed to look at the issues directly effecting women in the homeless community. The sub-committee is comprised of community members, Think Dignity staff, homeless women, and service providers. The research being done is an attempt to: 
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