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Membership Event, Holiday Fundraiser, and the Loo!

Thanks to all our Think Dignity existing members and new members and supporters who came out to our Ugly Christmas Sweater Party last night.  Also a BIG thanks to our gracious host, Sycamore Den, and our amazing donor Stroll at 2034 India Street for the $50 gift card won by August Miller!
A reminder that Think Dignity has our Holiday Fundraiser going on, you can donate here:  https://www.crowdrise.com/girlsthinktank-bd/fundraiser/heatherpollock
Also, this just in...another story on the... Read More

GIDDY UP! SAVE THE DATE for Think Dignity's 2015 GALA

Mark your calendars for April 18, 2015! The theme this year is "Wild Wild West, Giddy Up for Human Dignity".   The 2015 roundup will be held at the World Class San Diego Central Library.

Come join the fun: celebrate, support, and square dance...or at least have fun wearing some boots. There will be live and silent auctions, raffle drawings, not to mention other exciting things we've got up our sleeves!  Will dancing be outlawed, or will people be locked up for line dancing?! Will you win San Diego's most wanted auction items? You can only find out by attending. April 18, 2015...... Read More

The Price of Homelessness

The San Diego Police Department declares on their webpage, “Dealing with Homeless People” that homelessness is not a crime, but many misdemeanor offenses disproportionately, if not solely, affect the homeless community.  Common criminal offenses that frequently put homeless individuals in court and/or jail include illegal lodging (Penal Code section 647(e)), petty theft (Penal Code section 484), and disturbing the peace (Penal Code section 415).  The San Diego Superior Court posts on their website a sentencing guideline with recommended fines to be imposed for a violation of these offenses... Read More

Article Posted by NPR titled "What do Homeless Vets Look Like"

NPR did a story on San Diego local homeless vets...read it here:

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Solving Hopelessness with Homes

The New Yorker magazine wrote an article detailing how Utah's implementation of the Housing First model has helped their city reduce homelessness by 74%.  Read the article here: http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2014/09/22/home-free?utm_source=nextdr...

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Sleep Deprivation: The Pinnacle of the Homeless Plight

A recent article in The Atlantic chronicles the host of problems that result from the inability for homeless individuals to receive a good night’s rest. The article details the inherent vulnerability of the homeless community, and the mental-health issues that arise from sleep deprivation. Individuals in the homeless community are more likely to suffer from mental illness, such as schizophrenia and drug addiction, and sleep deprivation often triggers their symptoms and aggravates pre-existing conditions.  With over-crowded shelters, dangerous conditions after dark, and the criminalization... Read More

Think Dignity August Volunteer of the Month

Think Dignity Volunteer of the Month - Lauren Scott
While reading the newspaper one morning, I spotted an article about a group of women who had a mission to help restore basic dignity to our homeless neighbors by bringing 24/7 restrooms to downtown San Diego, supplying winter survival backpacks, and a place for homeless people to store their belongings while looking for work, going to doctor appointments, etc.  The name of the organization was, Think Dignity.  I cut out the article and made plans to attend their next meeting.  While volunteering at another homeless outreach event, I... Read More