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VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION!! Don't miss out on the early bird ticket price for our 5th annual Gala! Friday is the last day to get them at a discounted price! You can buy them here: www.girlsthinktank.org. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enjoy some of San Diego's amazing chefs: Chef Flor Franco from Indulge Catering is making Pumpkin Seed and Pasilla Chicken Mole Tacos! YUMMMM!!!

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GIVE BIG!! 24 hour only fundraising event

Tomorrow is the Give Big Event.  This is a 24 hour only event, involving the participation of over 300 local non profits, one of which is Think Dignity!

How does it work?  The more donations made to Think Dignity, the greater the amount the Foundation give to Think Dignity as well! This only applies to donations made through Give Big, on May 6th.

To donate to Think Dignity for this one day event: http://www.givebigsandiego.org/#npo/girls-think-tank

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Homeless Helping Their Community

Think Dignity partnered with clients of the Transitional Storage Center to have a community clean-up in East Village.  It reflected how those living on the streets take pride in the cleanliness of their community, just like business owners and housed residents in the area.  Watch the video here!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZwlKWmvDVI


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Come meet with the minds to help advance basic dignity for the homeless

Our monthly Basic dignity Coalition Meeting is TOMORROW! 5/1/14 at 6 pm at Co-Merge, located at 330 A street, San Diego CA 92101.  Please make sure to arrive promptly, as the doors will be locked at 6.  As always, pizza will be provided! Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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Take the time to be aware of your homeless neighbors

Watch this impactful video regarding taking the time to notice the homeless around you  living on the streets...you might be surprised what you find and learn.  Every homeless person has their own unique story, and homelessness is not a disease.  It is something that could happen to you or your family...


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Think Dignity's Transitional Storage Center officially has a new home!!!  As of May 3 we will be at a new location, 252 16th Street, San Diego CA 92101.  Normal operations will resume at the new location May 5th.  This location was graciously provided by the Housing Commission, and thanks to the collaboration of the Housing Commission and City of San Diego, along with our amazing supporters and donors, the Center finally has a long-term home and stability.  We are excited to start at our new location, which is larger and will allow us to help more of those living on the streets. 

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Human Trafficking in our own Backyard

Many of us think slavery ended after the Emancipation Proclamation. The sad truth, slavery is still in full force today. Sadly, the industry has changed from labor (though slave labor still exists) and most people victims of human trafficking end up as sex slaves. Even worse, it’s happening in our own backyard. According to http://www.caseact.org/, California is home to three of the FBI’s 13 highest child sex trafficking areas in the nation (San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego).


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Think Dignity Second Membership Event was a Success!

Thanks to all our new Think Dignity members who came out last week and joined the fray! We would like to welcome all of our 11 new members, and thank our existing members for coming out to join the fun.  Our membership event was at Magnolia Tap & Kitchen, who is also hosting this months Drink for Dignity.  They created a special cocktail that is the color of our Think Dignity logo...it's a gin based martini, but can also be served on the rocks, have to admit, it's pretty tasty! $1 from every Think Dignity-tini sold in the month of March goes back to support Think Dignity and our... Read More

Prepare to be inspired!

A moving piece and inspiring video from our friend Christine Schanes, author of the Homelessness Myths series for the Huffington Post.

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Portland Loo, a public toilet that skips to the head of its class

" Rachel Jensen, co-founder of the San Diego homeless advocacy group Think Dignity, which has pushed for the Loos, said the decision [to advocate for Portland Loos] was reached after activists and city leaders met with homeless representatives and realized the urgency of the sanitation issue." Read more from todays LA Times article citing Think Dignity as a leader in the pursuit of more public toilet access for the homeless of San Diego. 

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