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Think Dignity in Diana's Words...

We recently received a heartfelt letter from one of our extremely dedicated volunteers, Diana Gribble. Diana has given so much to our community through her volunteer efforts, while facing many challenges of her own. She just moved from San Diego and we will miss her dearly. Thank you, Diana for all that you have contributed!

Here is Diana's letter:

To whom it may concern,

There comes a time in one’s life to recognize and speak out about those things that truly work in our lives. For me that is the Girl’s Think Tank.
So, I want to take a moment to recognize... Read More

I Will Never Forget

Think Dignity recently received an extremely appreciative and inspiring voicemail from a 54 year-old, technically skilled male veteran who, last year, through ill health had fallen on hard times and had to resort to seeking accommodation at the Veteran’s Winter Shelter.

We’ve shared below some excerpts of this meaningful message with you, our supporters and volunteers, who help us bring dignity to the lives of people like him:

“Of all the groups that came around [The Veteran’s Shelter] last winter, your group was the one that made the biggest impression on me. One young... Read More

Building on success: Portland Loos prove to be the best solution

Think Dignity and the "Basic Dignity Coalition" continue to advocate for 24/7 accessible loos to serve the downtown area of San Diego. Now the Portland Loos are gaining greater attention from cities along the west coast because of their superior design and low maintenance costs (see news article from "The Atlantic Cities" below).

To support our work advocating for this much needed resource contact info@girlsthinktank.org, join us at our next Basic Dignity Coalition meeting (time and location posted at... Read More

Homeless storage center gets lifeline

Water Man's Check-In Center gets temporary reprieve as it develops a funding strategy to allow it to remain open, serving hunderds of homeless people with a place to store their personal belongings while they look for work and a place to live and generally go about their business without having to haul around everything they own. Thanks to the City Council members who stepped forward with temporary funding and kudos to the folks at Caridad for their unwavering efforts to raise awareness for this extremely important and successful project (see UT article below for more details).

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San Diego Reader | "Think Dignity Urges Council to Bring Portland Loos to Downtown" by dorianh

The Think Dignity makes an impassioned plea for Basic Dignty to City Council:


Read More

Think Dignity Volunteers Come out in Force

On Wednesday Dec 14th, Think Dignity and its small army of volunteers undertook its first backpack distribution of the year. Many thanks go to our 'stuffing' hosts Boca Soccer Store in Old Town, and to ZPizza for keeping us fed.  

Over 20 volunteers came out and served the 150 residents of the Veterans Winter Shelter with backpacks stuffed with a ton of basic necessities and a lot of extra donated goodies. We were also able to distribute all the supplies we had left (including the bright pink backpacks!) to some of our Basic Dignity Coalition partners: Rachel's Women’s Center, The... Read More

Donation matching ends tonight at 7 p,m, PST. Don't miss your chance.

Our night owl and early bird donors have nudged us over the $2000 mark. There's just under 12 hours to go for donations to qualify for the San Diego Foundations matching donation.  Thank you to the 25 donors who have already taken action to support basic dignity in San Diego.

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Generous Think Dignity Donors Step Up

14 donors have stepped up since 7am this morning and between them donated over $1,000 to support our Basic Dignity  campaign and help us fund our Winter Survival Backpack project. Help us reach our funding goal by donating today and earning us a matched donation from San Diego Foundation. Thank you! Remember, first ten donors over $50 get a signed copy of The Girls Guide to Homelessness by Brianna Karp, author, guest speaker and friend of Think Dignity.

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GiveBIG donations are being matched!

We are off to a flying start with $525 already received in donations. Thank you to our generous early bird donors. 33 hours to go.

Here's how you can get involved: For donations of $25 or more to Think Dignity during "GiveGIG San Diego" event, San Diego Foundation is offering a match. As a special early-bird thank you, the first 10 contributors of $50 or more to will also receive a signed copy of Brianna Karp’s “Girls Guide to Homelessness” a funny, sometimes irreverent but moving account of homelessness from the perspective of an educated young woman trying to escape homelessness... Read More

Save The Water Man Check-In Center from Closure

Our Basic Dignity Coalition partner Caridad is collecting signatures for a petition to keep the Water Man's Check-In Center open. Please add your signature on-line today. Your support is urgently needed as Caridad prepare to approach City Council early next week. 

About the Waterman's Check-In center: A storage facility on 9th Ave that offers secure 'wheelie-bin' storage to over 350 homeless folks in downtown San Diego, freeing them up from having to carry their lifes belongings every where they go or from leaving them unsecured on the street while they go about their daily... Read More

Remembering Those Who Truly Need a Holiday Gift

Looking for an alternative way to 'Give' this holiday season? Joshua Becker of 'Getting Minimalist' has a few ideas, including giving to Think Dignity. Thanks for the shout out Joshua! Perhaps our signature Winter Survival Backpack fits the profile: an affordable gift at just $20 that meets someones real needs rather than 'just' their wants. 

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Think Dignity and the Basic Dignity Coalition call a press conference on World Toilet Day to demand more 24/7 access restrooms for San Diegans. Show your support by joining them at 11am on Saturday Nov 19th at Tailgate Park (at 13th and Imperial).

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