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Think Dignity homeless action committee join us Thurs, June 25th!

We’re excited about Think Dignity’s homeless action committee, which is comprised of both folks with homes and folks without, and our common thread is a passion for dignity and improved conditions for those who have inadequate shelter in our city.  We’ve been discussing a strategic plan of action and hope you’ll join! 

Our next committee meeting is Thursday, June 25th at 6 pm at Coughlin Stoia, 655 W. Broadway, Suite 1900.  Come to the 19th Floor and ask for Rachel.  If you need directions or more info, let us know by replying to this email.  Please RSVP so we know how much pizza... Read More

Join us in distributing dignity tents and umbrellas for peace to homeless community

Join us in distributing dignity tents and “umbrellas for peace” to homeless community on Sat., April 25th at 11:30. For their week of service, students at the Art Institute of San Diego are creating “umbrellas for peace” in conjunction with the Lamb Umbrellas for Peace project, which Think Dignity will distribute to our city’s homeless, along with Think Dignity’s first-ever dignity tents, on Saturday, April 25th at 11:30 am @ Neil Good Day Center (299 17th St between Imperial Ave & K St).  Come on out! Even if you can’t make it, consider donating that used tent sitting in your basement... Read More

Think Dignity General Meeting on May 20th at 5:30 pm

We are meeting to discuss next steps to ensure that women are safe from the serial rapist who has been targeting Asian women here.  We will also plan Think Dignity Club Vagabond – our first ever capital campaign fundraiser to hire a staff person!  We are gearing up to throw the party-of-the-year this fall to build capacity in a sustainable way. Farzeen is hosting our meeting.  Please bring something to eat or drink to share.  For more info, email us at girlsthinktank@gmail.com.

Read More

Hip reuse/recyle clothing swap & mixer to benefit Think Dignity and Shakti Rising

Come on out to hip reuse/recyle clothing swap and mixer to benefit Think Dignity and Shakti Rising on April 16, 2009!

Think Dignity is the beneficiary of an art raffle to support our new Project AVOW!  (Take a vow to end violence against women).  Come out next Thursday to benefit Think Dignity at a mixer and recycle/reuse clothing swap at the Hive downtown, 770 11th Avenue, from 6-9 pm.   There will be food, drink and speakers on “greening” businesses and sustainable materials in the fashion industry.  Proceeds from the benefit will also support Think Dignity partner Shakti Rising... Read More

A Think Dignity Success Story: We love you Amylu!

Blog_AmylAndRosalie_Backpacks.jpgOne of the missions of Think Dignity is to empower each other in advocating for the greater good.  Amylu Weas, our treasured co-founder, board member, and picnic-planner extraordinaire, recently stepped down from her position to finish her college degree.  We will greatly miss her but are ecstatic that she is doing good for herself as she does good for so many others... Read More

Think Dignity Urges Accountability for the Unprovoked Police Attack on 72-year Old Homeless Advocate

Think Dignity Urges Accountability for the Unprovoked Police Attack on 72-year Old Homeless Advocate David “Waterman” Ross and Urges City Attorney Jan Goldsmith to Drop All Charges against Homeless Bystander Marvin Britton 

3/20/09 MEDIA ALERT!
San Diego — Think Dignity (“Think Dignity”), a local homeless advocacy group, supports the decision of the San Diego Police Department (“SDPD”) to investigate the use of force by a police officer on 72-year old homeless advocate David Ross (also known as the “Waterman”) and members of the homeless community on Sunday, March 15, 2009... Read More

Stay Safe: Serial Rapist Targeting Asian-American Women

SAN DIEGO — Police are asking San Diego women to remain vigilant as investigators hunt for a man believed to be responsible for a string of violent home-invasion robberies and sexual assaults against Asian women. Authorities said yesterday they have tentatively linked the assailant to at least five attacks over the past nine months, including the recent robberies in Carmel Valley.

In all five cases, the attacker has targeted Asian women as they arrived home, threatened them with a knife and demanded money, said San Diego police Capt. Jim Collins. Two of the victims were raped, one... Read More

Rape is the silent epidemic in San Diego

Today in the San Diego Tribune it was reported that crime has fallen in San Diego with only a blip on the screen that rape is up nearly 1/3!   How are San Diego’s women not outraged by this?  Join us in our dignified rage about sexual violence in our community.  We have to bring this silent epidemic out into the light in our communities and stop rape in San Diego.

Crime falls for a third year in a row
Number of rapes rises significantly
By Kristina Davis
Union-Tribune Staff Writer
2:00 a.m. January 30, 2009

SAN DIEGO — Crime in San Diego dropped... Read More

Think Dignity Launches Homeless Art Project this Saturday, Jan. 31st!

Our last scheduled distribution of winter survival packs is this Saturday, January 31, 2009.  We will meet at the lobby of 655 W. Broadway at 11:30 a.m., then carpool to the Neil Good Day Center at 299 17th Street, to launch our homeless art project and distribute backpacks and warm clothes in the neighborhood.  This is a great opportunity for families and kids to participate in a public service.  Calling for Magazines and Art Supplies   Think Dignity’s Noor Kazmi is heading up our homeless art project to foster the visual art, creative writing, stories, and photographs of San Diego’s... Read More

Think Dignity's Winter Report from the Streets

The reverberations of the economic crisis are being felt here in San Diego where there are more than 7,500 people on the downtown streets any given night.  This winter, we have been shocked by the growing number of tents, families in cars, young couples, and pregnant women on the streets.  The new wave of homeless are every-day working families who have lost jobs, lost homes or rental units to foreclosure, and are struggling to get off the streets.   Brilliant photography donated by Aron Thompson   We are working with the homeless community to document what is going on.  Thanks to you, we... Read More

Who's going to handle all of this crap? Thank God for David Ross & his clean up crew!

Blog_DavidRossCleans.jpgKelly Davis wrote a fabulous article in the Jan. 20, 2009 issue of San Diego City Beat about David Ross’ heroic mission to provide public toilets downtown, and of City Council’s failure to live up to its agreement to fund them. Thankfully, newly-elected City Council Marti Emerald has put the matter up for reconsideration and we strongly urge city council to vote to fund the port-o-johns... Read More

Join us in hitting the streets this Winter!

It’s that time of year again, the days are shorter and the nights are colder.  Come on out and join us as we pound concrete in San Diego to get winter survival gear and baby bags out to our city’s homeless community. Thanks to your generosity, we have assembled over 150 winter survival packs and have boxes upon boxes of warm clothes and baby gear for folks struggling to stay warm, and keep their families warm, this winter.   Now it’s time to distribute all these fabulous donations!   Below is our current winter survival pack schedule.  For each of the distributions, we will meet 15 minutes... Read More