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San Diego's Channel 10 News 2008 Leadership Award

Think Dignity was recently honored with a 2008 Leadership Award by Channel 10 News for our grassroots work in the homeless community and advocacy on behalf of folks who have been displaced on the streets of San Diego. We filmed the awards ceremony at the same place where we do our thing – on the streets of downtown near Alpha Project’s winter shelter.

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Roundtable Discussion with U.S. Representative Bob Filner

Vice-President Virginia S. Loh attended a lunch meeting with Congressman Filner to discuss the needs of homeless veterans; about 14 percent of the homeless veterans coming back from the Iraq War are projected to be female. Other entities that were respresented include the Alpha Project and Veterans’ Affairs Office. Several ideas were brainstormed during this meeting including but not limited to developing a PSA to increase public awareness and developing a website consolidating all the available resources.

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Night of Comedy at Kava Lounge

On December 7, 2007, Think Dignity hosted a night of comedy for local Waterman, David Ross, at the Kava Lounge to raise funds for his life’s work of passing out water to San Diego’s homeless. David spends 6-8 hours a day on the streets of San Diego, handing out cases upon cases of water and other necessities such as blankets and ponchos to folks displaced on our city streets, under bridges, and hiding in canyons. In doing so, he counsels people who have lost hope how to start to find it again and he uses his great sense of humor to do it. David is truly an inspiration to us all. Please... Read More

Think Dignity passed out some 350 Winter Survival Backpacks

In the winter of 2007, Think Dignity passed out some 350 Winter Survival Backpacks to displaced folks, complete with a quality sleeping bag or blanket, beanie hat, gloves, socks, laminated resource card with numbers for different social services, hygiene products, hand-knitted scarves, water, flashlight, and non-perishable food items. We met hundreds of people on the streets of San Diego who have slipped through the cracks or fallen below that thin line separating the working poor who have housing and those without. We met elderly women in wheelchairs, disabled veterans, teenagers,... Read More

Happy House at Kava Lounge

On June 1, 2007, Think Dignity hosted a happy hour and open mic at the Kava Lounge to ask San Diegans: “What Do You Think?” We rapped about the myths and facts of homelessness, local problems and solutions, and how to get involved in the community. We raised funds for our ongoing homeless outreach program and started drumming up support for our first annual Think Dignity community picnic. Most of all we had a great time hangin’ out and getting to know other people who are thinkin’ and doin’ about the problems they see in San Diego instead of just complainin’.

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2006 Winter Survival Pack Distribution

In the coldest months of 2006, we spent a lot of time pounding the pavement of San Diego’s city streets and meeting many who spend their days and nights there. We had recently come up with the idea for the Winter Survival Packs and it was our first run at deciding what gear to include, how to order it, how to assemble the packs, where to go once we had them ready, and to whom to give them.

In this process, there were a lot of good laughs, but also a lot of harsh realities. Things like giving someone a pair of warm gloves only to see her still shivering in the dark cold night as we... Read More

Reflections on 2010 and Challenges for 2011

In 2010, members of Think Dignity, men and women, opened the year with our annual
tradition of assembling backpacks for the homeless and delivering them to the winter
shelter. We stood, talked, and embraced persons struggling to survive on the streets and
thus strengthened the bridge built between core members and the homeless community.
We convened a committee of people both with housing and without and asked – what are
the biggest needs? It was unanimous — restrooms and clean drinking water. David “the
Waterman” Ross has helped provide port-a-... Read More

Small Acts of Kindness

One of the tragedies of war seen daily on the streets of San Diego is the number of homeless veterans that have been tossed away by society and forgotten despite their great sacrifices for our country. This problem is exacerbated every day as new veterans are spit out from the war in Iraq, wounded, disabled, and traumatized. Think Dignity has started a dialogue with U.S. Representative Bob Filner, Chair of the House Veterans Affairs Committee and David The Waterman Ross about the problem of homeless veterans and possible solutions in our area and beyond. This touching video made by Crystal... Read More