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Winter shelter for families readies for Nov. 1 opening

Winter shelter for families readies for Nov. 1 opening, Teri Figueroa, 10/22/15

— As a potentially wet winter approaches, North County’s only emergency homeless shelter for families is gearing up to open Nov. 1.

Already more than 25 families, including at least six with infants, are on the waiting list for Operation Hope-Vista. The group’s 2,900 square foot facility on East Vista Way can host up to 11 families at a time, as well as six single women.

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North Park residents concerned about homelessness

North Park residents concerned about homelessness, by Abbie Alford, 10/29/15

Homelessness is a growing problem in many San Diego communities, including North Park. 

Community leaders, city officials and local police gathered Wednesday to discuss the issue and what can be done to help get people off the streets. Edwin Lohr, the president of the North Park Community Association, added that the forum was also held to educate the community.

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Tackling homelessness in pricey San Francisco

Tackling homelessness in pricey San Francisco, by Katherine Seligman, 10/31/15

Matthew Teague and his girlfriend had been sleeping on the streets most of the past three years, part of an increasingly visible homeless population in the city by the bay. . . .

Saved from Homelessness and Hunger

My university studies haven't saved me from homelessness and hunger, by Pablo Montes, 11/2/15

Food and housing insecurity do not disappear from people’s lives when they go to college. There is this damaging misconception that once you get to college – once you’re on an upwardly mobile, higher-education track – you magically have the same resources and opportunities as everyone else. You don’t.

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Surge in homeless deaths here is mystifying

Surge in homeless deaths here is mystifying, by Diane Bell, 10/31/15

With heavy feet, 91 people will somberly walk a mile through downtown streets from the San Diego Rescue Mission to the County Administration Building on Sunday afternoon.

Each will carry a pair of shoes — sneakers, loafers, pumps, boots — that bears a toe tag with the name of a man or woman who died homeless here last year. Many succumbed on San Diego streets or alleys, others in area hospitals.

The shoes will be placed temporarily, like mini-grave markers, on the steps of the county building. This... Read More

Vision ... Solving Homelessness

Shared Vision Is a Must for Solving Homelessness, by Sandi Vidal, 10/30/15

Central Florida Community Leaders touring the Bishop's Store House, Salt Lake City, Utah

Yesterday, I had a 10-and-a-half-hour crash course in how Utah worked to substantially reduce homelessness in their community. As part of a delegation of over 60 leaders from Central Florida and the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness, I was able to learn from the leadership in Salt Lake City about their 12 year journey to more than... Read More

Housing and Homeless Activists Storm and Occupy Airbnb HQ

Housing and Homeless Activists Storm and Occupy Airbnb HQ, by Julia Carrie Wong, 11/2/15

Dozens of housing and homeless activists stormed the Airbnb headquarters at 888 Brannan Street around noon today. A day before San Francisco voters will decide whether to regulate "home-sharing" more strictly, the activists sought to show the short-term rental company what "sharing" is all about. 

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Helping the Homeless in Hillcrest

Helping the homeless in Hillcrest by Gary Warth, 10/25/15

Outreach team connects with needy around University Avenue.

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Tiny homes for the Homeless

Tiny Homes for the Homeless by Alana Semuels, 10/30/15

One Nashville pastor has a plan to help those without permanent shelter: building 60-square-foot houses with no bathroom, kitchen, or electricity.

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Homeless LGBT youth

New group wants facilities for homeless LGBT youth, by Fauzeya Rahman, 11/1/15

. . . Kristopher Sharp didn't have a manual to help him navigate life as a homeless, gay 18-year-old in Houston. After "aging out" of his foster care home, he tried sleeping in a park on the north side of town. Then, he discovered the roof of a shopping strip behind a Whataburger near Kuykendahl and 1960 that could double as a bed.

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Law Enforcement vs. Prop. 47

Sacramento Report: Law Enforcement vs. Prop. 47 by Sara Libby, 10/30/15

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Sock Drive Aims High

22,000 Homeless Students Needs Socks, So Drive Aims High, by Ken Stone, 10/28/15

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