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Budget favors police, homeless, city workers

Council approves mayor's first budget, including funding for Transitional Storage Center and portable restrooms for the homeless.

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Storage center undergoes transition

For now the Homeless Transitional Storage Center run by Think Dignity is operating in a parking lot at the corner of 16th St. and Commercial St. The center stores homeless individuals’ belongings for free unencumbering them so they can more easily job hunt, work or take classes.

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Group urges funding of public restrooms downtown

A Downtown advocacy group would like to see the San Diego City Council allocate $25,000 for the continued operation of six portable toilets in the East Village until more permanent public restrooms arrive in February.

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Downtown portable restrooms to return - Fundraising campaign under way

Think Dignity launches fundraising campaign to fund six portable restrooms for the homeless in downtown San Diego.

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Potty predicament: Nonprofit needs help keeping basic service in place until February

Think Dignity seeks help to fund six porta-potties for the homeless in downtown San Diego.

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East Village portable toilets for the homeless reinstalled: Non-Profit to maintain, replace

Think Dignity leads fundraising campaign to provide six portable toilets for the homeless population in downtown San Diego.

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San Diego City Council: Portland Loo + Temporary Toilets

San Diego Council Members Carl DeMaio, Kevin Faulconer, and Donna Frye discuss the Basic Dignity campaign's ideas to bring the Portland Loo solar-powered, stainless-steel toilet unit to San Diego's streets as a long-term replacement for homeless advocate David Ross' temporary porta-potties.  Other speakers: Basic Dignity Coalition's Jennifer Douglas of the Think Dignity and CCDC's Fred Maas.

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A Discussion at the Winter Homeless Shelter: Photos

A panel discussion about issues facing the homeless in San Diego, featuring Think Dignity's Danny McCray.

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What Works, What's Needed on SD Homelessness: Video

Our own Danny McCray participates in a panel discussion about issues facing our homeless neighbors and shares the story of how he overcame homelessness.

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Check-In Center's Danny McCray talks about working with homeless folks

On Monday morning, I spent some time with Danny McCray, whom I describe in this story as "both ambassador and security guard" at the Check-In Center, a lot in East Village that provides 250 storage bins where homeless people can store their stuff. McCray, who was once homeless himself, talked at length about what he tells folks each morning when he opens the Check-In Center's gate at 7 a.m. 

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Checking in on the Check-In Center (Transitional Storage Center)

The Transitional Storage Center is still searching for a permanent home.

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City Council President Todd Gloria Voices Support for Think Dignity and the Transitional Storage Center

Radio Host Mike Slater and Council President Todd Gloria discuss city's efforts to end homelessness in downtown San Diego.

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