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2006 Winter Survival Pack Distribution

2006 Winter Survival Pack Distribution


In the coldest months of 2006, we spent a lot of time pounding the pavement of San Diego’s city streets and meeting many who spend their days and nights there. We had recently come up with the idea for the Winter Survival Packs and it was our first run at deciding what gear to include, how to order it, how to assemble the packs, where to go once we had them ready, and to whom to give them.

In this process, there were a lot of good laughs, but also a lot of harsh realities. Things like giving someone a pair of warm gloves only to see her still shivering in the dark cold night as we drove away humming to our favorite songs in our warm cars to return to our centrally-heated homes. We saw the tremendous humanity in people who were written off long ago. We witnessed more generosity and community amongst strangers who had nothing to give than we ordinarily saw in those who had much. We met a 4-day-old baby who was born into a homeless family, a 70-year-old veteran confined to a wheelchair, folks dumped by hospitals just hours before, and runaway teenagers who were pregnant, homeless, and scared. Click here for the stories of our journeys on the streets of San Diego in the winter of 2006.

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