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Cardboard house for the Homeless

Cardboard house for the Homeless


Cardborigami: Designed to Help the Homeless, by Justine Testado, 7/31/13

The Cardborigami shelter is on display at the Berkshire Museum's latest exhibit, "PaperWorks: The Art and Science of an Extraordinary Material" until October 2013.


<blockquote class="embedly-card" data-card-key="6326e2b18feb479b930b9be56ed95119"><h4><a href="http://archinect.com/news/article/78386180/cardborigami-designed-to-help...">Cardborigami: Designed to Help the Homeless</a></h4><p>anchor Tina Hovsepian of global architecture firm Callison was driven by the need to help homeless individuals in Los Angeles when she designed the first prototype for the "Cardborigami" shelter during her fourth year at USC's School of Architecture.</p></blockquote>
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