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Downtown San Diego may soon lose vital homeless resource

Downtown San Diego may soon lose vital homeless resource


Transitional Storage Center set to close

SAN DIEGO - More than 600 shopping carts filled with personal belongings may soon be seen on the streets of downtown San Diego. "Say you got 300 people out there with luggage; it is not a good sight," said Danny McCray, who spent five months on the streets with his wife. 
McCray is now a security guard at the downtown Transitional Storage Center, a place where bins are available for people while they look for jobs or go to work.
The Girls Think Tank operates the center, and the bins have been stored in a parking lot at Father's Joe's Village for the past year, but they need their parking lot back. Now the Girls Think Tank is asking the city and San Diegans to help them secure a 4,000-square foot building. "Ideally rent-free and we also need funding to continue operating the center," said Girls Think Tank Executive Director Heather Pollock.

DONATE: Keep the Transitional Storage Center Open!

The temporary storage shelter is in danger of being closed, help keep it open with a donation. 100% of the donations using this button will go directly to fund operations of the temporary storage shelter. Watch ABC's coverage here.

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