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GIDDY UP! SAVE THE DATE for Think Dignity's 2015 GALA

GIDDY UP! SAVE THE DATE for Think Dignity's 2015 GALA


Mark your calendars for April 18, 2015! The theme this year is "Wild Wild West, Giddy Up for Human Dignity".   The 2015 roundup will be held at the World Class San Diego Central Library.

Come join the fun: celebrate, support, and square dance...or at least have fun wearing some boots. There will be live and silent auctions, raffle drawings, not to mention other exciting things we've got up our sleeves!  Will dancing be outlawed, or will people be locked up for line dancing?! Will you win San Diego's most wanted auction items? You can only find out by attending. April 18, 2015...save the date!! Information on tickets...coming soon!


There is a lot to celebrate, and a lot more work to do! In 2014, Think Dignity moved The Transitional Storage Center to its new home. Thanks to the support of the City, private donors, and our superb volunteers, the TSC is now serving the most people since it opened, and its home is not in jeopardy. We need to maintain the support and work to expand more access to dignity. 


This year, Think Dignity has also expanded the number of Legal Clinics it operates, and will be publishing a Know Your Rights guide regarding legal issues which affect our San Diego homeless.


Another huge success is the pending "First Flush".  As you may recall, Think Dignity helped secure funding for the installation of two Portland Loos (state of the art permanent, flushing, public restrooms) in Downtown San Diego.  Even with such success as funding for two modern public restrooms, it's only the beginning. Think Dignity aims to help further increase access to basic hygiene needs and access to drinking water. Think Dignity purchases bottles of water which are distributed to those living on the streets by our volunteer, David Ross aka "The Waterman".


All of the accomplishments this past year could not have been attained without the support of Think Dignity's volunteers, donors, and supporters.  With your continued support, Think Dignity will continue to advocate for basic dignity for our homeless neighbors. 


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