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GIVE BIG!! 24 hour only fundraising event

GIVE BIG!! 24 hour only fundraising event


Tomorrow is the Give Big Event.  This is a 24 hour only event, involving the participation of over 300 local non profits, one of which is Think Dignity!

How does it work?  The more donations made to Think Dignity, the greater the amount the Foundation give to Think Dignity as well! This only applies to donations made through Give Big, on May 6th.

To donate to Think Dignity for this one day event: http://www.givebigsandiego.org/#npo/girls-think-tank

Give Big is a 24 hour only annual day devoted to philanthropic giving to local non profits that benefit our community and make it a better place.  What better way to participate in Give Big than donate to Think Dignity!! San Diego Foundation has raised $150,000 in incentive funds which will be divided up amongst participators. 



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