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Protest Tackles Homelessness

Protest Tackles Homelessness


Protest Tackles Homelessness

by Broke-Ass Stuart, 1/28/16

The tent village on the border of SoMa and the Mission stretches for nearly a mile under the Highway 101 overpass. Its inhabitants range from weather-beaten men mumbling to themselves to women who could pass for soccer moms to a teenager who looks like he’s 15. I’ve lived a block away for nearly four years, my roommate has for eight years, and neither of us has ever seen it this bad. There’s been such a population growth in Tent Francisco (a name I just coined) over the past month or two that it’s almost like all the homeless from around The City are purposefully being pushed to this locale.


<a class="embedly-card" href="http://www.sfexaminer.com/protest-tackles-homelessness/">Protest tackles homelessness - The San Francisco Examiner</a>
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