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A Special Announcement from Think Dignity

A Special Announcement from Think Dignity

Ten years ago, Think Dignity was founded on the simple - yet indisputable - belief that every person is deserving of basic dignity. For more than a decade, we have focused our advocacy on behalf of the vulnerable, the poor and the homeless. We have given voice to those that most wish to silence.
Never before has Think Dignity faced such a direct threat to our agency's mission as we do in present-day America.
Today, we assume the mantle of Dignity Defenders. There are certain lines that must not be crossed, and we are here to hold that line. We hereby commit ourselves to defending the dignity of all peoples.
To be clear: We stand in solidarity with the displaced; with the refugee, the Muslim, and the immigrant traversing man-made borders. We stand in solidarity with the victim of abuse who relies on the Violence Against Women Act to protect herself from harm. We stand in solidarity with the working class as they struggle to feed their children. We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and all people of color, joining their resistance against oppression. We stand in solidarity with queer youth, with transgender youth, with gender non-conforming youth and we believe that love is love is love. We stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters who work tirelessly to save our Earth and its natural resources because water is life and climate change is real.
And, of course, we stand in solidarity with those living on the streets, with those without a home, with those who are persecuted and criminalized simply for being poor. We demand a real solution from our government to protect our disadvantaged populations and ensure the American Dream is truly a reality for all those who seek it. 
In the coming days, Think Dignity will ask you to become a Dignity Defender. We will place calls to action through social media, encouraging you to be vigilant and lend your expertise to our campaign. Some actions will need your voice, some will need your presence, but all will need your heart.
Fear will not win. Hate is not tolerated. Think Dignity.
Anne M. Rios, Esq. 
Executive Director
Think Dignity

Image credit: Shepard Fairey
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