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Think Dignity Awarded $10,000 S. Mark Taper Foundation Grant

Think Dignity Awarded $10,000 S. Mark Taper Foundation Grant



CONTACT: Anne Rios, Executive Director: (619) 537-8736, anne@thinkdignity.org

SAN DIEGO (February 1, 2017) – Think Dignity is pleased to announce it has received a $10,000 grant from the S. Mark Taper Foundation. These funds will support the organization’s general operations and community programs.

The grant will help Think Dignity run the Transitional Storage Center downtown, where displaced San Diegans can leave their belongings for work; offer weekly, free legal clinics; provide summer and winter survival backpacks to homeless veterans and other individuals; and more.

"The generous funds from the S. Mark Taper Foundation will allow us the opportunity to truly strengthen our programs and provide the best and most dignified services to those that are living on the streets in San Diego,” said Anne Rios, Executive Director of Think Dignity. “We are excited about this partnership and cannot wait for all the exciting opportunities that 2017 will hold for us."

The S. Mark Taper Foundation is a private family foundation dedicated to enhancing the quality of people’s lives by supporting nonprofit organizations and their work in Southern California communities.

For more information about Think Dignity, visit www.thinkdignity.org.

For press inquiries, email Anne Rios at anne@thinkdignity.org or call (619) 537-8736.


Think Dignity (TD), formerly Girls Think Tank, inspires, empowers and organizes the San Diego community to advance basic dignity for those living on the streets in San Diego through activism and advocacy. TD partners with a diverse group of individuals and organizations that share its commitment to ensuring basic dignity for San Diego’s displaced citizens. TD programs include storing homeless individuals’ personal property, legal referral clinics to help people resolve issues arising from their homelessness, and providing clean drinking water and survival supplies necessary for basic dignity. For more information, visit www.thinkdignity.org.

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