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Think Dignity Mobile Showers

Think Dignity Mobile Showers


There are not enough showers or restrooms available for those living on the streets. 

To provide more dignity to our unhoused neighbors, we are rolling out a new program.

We are in need of partners to provide: host locations (private lots); a truck to pull the trailer; man and woman power aka volunteers; towels; clean clothing; drinking water; barber services; toiletries; and much more! Our vision is to provide basic dignity with warm showers, as well as access to other much-needed services, such as outreach case workers and health services. If you are interested in more information, or partnering, please contact our Executive Director: heather@girlsthinktank.org.

The more community support and volunteers we have, the more frequently we will be able to circulate the showers to various neighborhoods.  We will be able to serve at least 20 individuals each time the shower goes out.  If the showers go out once a month, in one year we can provide 240 individuals with access to warm showers, restrooms, and basic dignity.

Our goal is to launch this program at the start of the New Year and provide the opportunity for those on the streets to get a fresh start in 2016.  

To donate directly to this program:
Please be sure to denote Mobile Shower Program on PayPal notes so we can credit your participation to this program, thank you.

We appreciate all donations

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