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Think Dignity Mobile Showers Program: What is it?

Think Dignity Mobile Showers Program: What is it?


Our Mobile Shower is a trailer which contains two showers and two restrooms (much like the one you can see here).  The trailer will be pulled by a truck and set up in various communities throughout San Diego on a rotating basis, for a specified period of time. Think Dignity staff and community volunteers will supervise the use of the shower units, as well as oversee the services and supply distribution at each location to ensure safety, cleanliness and fair use.

Mobile Showers for those who are experiencing homelessness is successfully underway in other cities including San Francisco, Oregon, Arizona, and Florida. Think Dignity will follow established procedures and protocols implemented by similar programs for client use, facility sanitation, sewage and gray water disposal.  

This program will be operated to align with the city’s initiative to provide services for the less fortunate in our communities in conjunction with other service providers.  We are working to create partnerships with other service providers, such as medical and housing outreach workers, to ensure that our mobile shower unit is also an entryway to accessing homeless services.

Here are some things we still need:

- towels

- a partner committed to laundering towels each week

- feminine hygiene products

- razors and shaving cream

- toothbrushes and toothpaste

- fingernail clippers

- toilet paper

- volunteers committed to one location per month

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