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Audra Rosenberg

Audra joined Girls Think Tank in 2008 after hearing about GTT’s Winter Survival Backpack project. She’d been looking for a way to help the homeless community and was impressed with the effort and success of the Girls. As well as handling membership for GTT, she has also had a key role in planning GTT events and development of technology to support the organization. 

Audra is a Louisiana native and moved to San Diego in 2006 from New Orleans. She owned a continuing education company in the US and Caribbean for 12 years and is now a marketing manager at an IT company. She graduated with a B.S. from University of Miami, majored in Advertising and Psychology, and minored in Marketing. She completed further coursework at University of New Orleans in Entrepreneurship and Business Administration.

In San Diego, she has also served as a Big Pal (youth mentor) and in the Friendly Visitor program (for isolated seniors) through Jewish Family Service. Her interests in GTT include helping to create solutions for homeless people, as well as helping seniors in the community.

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