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Brittany John

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Brittany recently moved to San Diego and thanks to a fateful series of events joined Think Dignity's board shortly thereafter. As an international development-practitioner she continues to be reminded of the importance of engaging with people living without basic needs being met, just miles away.

Brittany’s current work with GreaterGood focuses on building depth and creating impact evaluation for health, hunger and education programs. These programs work to tangibly mitigate persistent barriers in the way of girls receiving their basic right to education. This includes programs focused on girls’ empowerment through digital media storytelling, scholarships, menstrual hygiene, and safe transportation. More recently she’s implemented Girls’ Voices, a digital media and scholarship focused program working with 400 girls in 20 countries to ignite creativity, resilience and leadership through the power of digital media storytelling and education.

Previously, Brittany received a Master Degree in International Development from the University of Arizona with an emphasis in social impact investing. These studies provided an opportunity to conduct an impact assessment in Benin, West Africa and to understand how to more evaluate financial, environmental, and social return on financial investments.

Brittany believes in the power that comes from proximity with people living on the fringes of our community, because it is here where we gain compassion and insight which in turn changes the narrative with which we speak about displaced/people experiencing homelessness.

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