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Brook Larios

At nine months old, Brook was given the moniker chatterbox and so began her proclivity for communications.

Brook is a skilled public relations and marketing professional and journalist. Fourteen years ago, she adeptly juggled deadlines as a lead news reporter, also covering lifestyles, arts and sports. Her most memorable interviews include the late Leonard Nimoy, who called her questions insightful, and Ricky Williams, who vulnerably shared the story of his struggle with social anxiety disorder.

In 2003, Brook sold her soul to the not-so-dark side and subsequently secured millions of dollars in exposure and awareness working in-house and at agencies, representing luxury brands, nonprofits, arts organizations, tech and more. Also a food and lifestyles writer, Brook’s articles and columns appear online and in regional and local publications. Recognizing the need for better, more authentic storytelling in the PR industry, she launched PlainClarity, a PR and marketing firm committed to authentic storytelling, in 2008.

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