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Dahna Logan

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Dahna is a California native who grew up in San Diego. She has been involved with volunteer work since she was a teenager. Dahna is very passionate about her desire to help. She has worked with organizations helping at-risk parents and children and at-risk domestic and wild animals.  Dahna graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 2001 where she obtained a B.A. in Psychology with honors and a B.A. in Art focusing on Photography. Dahna is the Owner / Photographer for Dahna Logan Photography.

Dahna has always felt passionate about the plight and injustices for those who find themselves homeless. During her time at UCSC she photographed homeless individuals in a project she called The Faces of Homelessness. She wanted to show the reality of diversity of those individuals within the stereotyped homeless population. The goals were to educate the general population about who are actually homeless, and to grow compassion and understanding within society for these individuals.

Dahna began volunteering with Think Dignity in January of 2011. She heard about our organization while she was working at a San Diego Homeless Outreach event. She joined the Board as the Volunteer Coordinator in Sept. 2012.

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