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Helen Zeldes

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Helen is licensed to practice law in all state courts in Hawaii and California, and the U.S. District Courts for the District of Hawaii, and the Southern, Northern, Eastern and Central Districts of California. Nationally recognized class action attorney, Helen Zeldes, joined Coast Law Group as a partner in June 2017 to launch the firm’s new class action practice group.  Helen has dedicated her 17-year legal career to representing consumers in complex cases involving fraud, deceptive business tactics, defective products, antitrust, insurance bad faith, mortgage lending and banking fraud, employment discrimination, wage and hour and human rights violations.  Helen is a fearless advocate for her clients who has demonstrated time and again for the millions of consumers she has represented over her career that she’s truly in it for the long haul, working tirelessly in the trenches to bring corporate wrongdoers to justice.

Before starting her own practice, Helen practiced law at the San Diego office of Lerach Coughlin (formerly Milberg Weiss) from 2001-July 2006. Helen is currently with Coast Law Group LLP.

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