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Karissa Freeman

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TSC Intake Specialist
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Karissa Freeman is a United States Navy Veteran, who served from 2014-2017 in Great Lakes, Illinois, San Diego, California, and Norfolk, Virginia.  Karissa has been doing volunteer work with those in need for as long as she can remember, and was introduced to her love of volunteering by her mother when she was a young child.  She has worked with helping animals, children, and adults in various stages of need through her extensive background in volunteer work. Karissa is relatively new to the San Diego area, and she started off working with teenagers in substance abuse before joining the Think Dignity team in 2020. Karissa has always felt an unwavering passion for helping those in her community who are in need; and she believes strongly that every person deserves to have someone in their corner- no matter what they do or do not have.

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