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Kristen Fritz

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Kristen first began working with members of the homeless community in 1998 in Philadelphia during graduate school.  Upon moving to San Diego in 2014, she immediately joined Think Dignity and is an ardent supporter of its mission.  Since that time, she has been actively involved with the Basic Dignity Coalition and has participated in many Think Dignity events.  At every opportunity, Kristen makes a point to start productive discussions about homelessness and to advocate for dignity. 

Kristen received her undergraduate degree (Psychology, Paralegal Certificate) from Boston University and her law degree from Northeastern University School of Law in Boston, MA.  She is licensed to practice in CA, MA, NY and TX and before numerous federal district courts, circuit courts of appeal, and the United States Supreme Court.  Kristen is an experienced complex civil litigation attorney who has practiced in numerous state and federal jurisdictions across the country in a diverse range of practice areas. She is currently an attorney with Smaha Law Group helping clients with Trust and Estate matters, conservatorships, guardianships, and also handles litigation and appeals.

Kristen is also a California Licensed Professional Fiduciary (Lic. #1032) and a National Certified Guardian.  In 2017, she founded Professional Fiduciaries of San Diego, Inc. to provide fiduciary and other related services to seniors and adults with disabilities.  Professional Fiduciaries of San Diego, Inc. helps individuals and their families with decision-making, assistance concerning daily affairs, care coordination and management, financial matters and more. 

In addition to Think Dignity, Kristen supports several other organizations dedicated to serving the public interest, improving access to justice, and ensuring that the rights of all persons are protected, including Lawyers Club of San Diego and Jewish Family Service of San Diego.

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