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Rebecca Rojas

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In 2011, Rebecca joined the Think Dignity as a member and sustainer. Since becoming a member, Rebecca has joined the legal committee that participates and oversees the Legal Referral and Advocacy Clinics.

In 2007, Rebecca graduated from University of California, Davis with honors in both Sociology and Economics. She graduated from University of San Diego, School of Law in 2010 and joined the San Diego Fire Lawyers legal team in 2010, assisting in a multi- plaintiff lawsuit that stemmed from the 2007 San Diego wildfires. She is also an active member of the local chapter of the National Lawyers Guild and has spearheaded many local efforts to protect the free speech of activists, including organizing Know Your Rights talks, Civil Rights informational sessions, coordinating legal defense of activists, and fundraising for a Civil Rights & Civil Liberties Clinic.

Rebecca joined Think Dignity as a board member in 2013 and believes wholeheartedly in fighting for the basic dignity of all people.

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