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Sam Mazzeo

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Development Committee
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Sam joined the Think Dignity Board in December 2015.  Sam’s experience spans from serving as the In-House Legal Counsel at the Invisible Children headquarters in San Diego to working with the environmental lobbyist organization Oceana in Santiago, Chile. Technically speaking, his experience is in copyright, patent, and trademark application and enforcement, as well as business formation, litigation, and dissolution. But realistically speaking, his legal prowess is in innovation, creativity (painting, photography), tireless dedication (learned how to do a standing backflip just so he could have a convincing Teen Wolf Halloween costume), giving good advice (is on the Board of Directors for TEDx San Diego and the Advisory Committee for Outside the Lens), and kicking ass (hiked Machu Picchu). He commemorates his travels with tattoos but offsets any preconceived tough guy notions by crying every time he watches Milo & Otis.

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