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Operations/Finance Committee

Keith Mautner

Keith Mautner, CPA CFE CMA, investigated alleged financial statement fraud by public companies for 23 years, helping secure nearly $3 billion in securities settlements from 78 defendants in 56 cases (an average of more than $50 million per case).  He was the lead forensic investigator into a number of so-called “audit failures,” and his experience includes high-profile alleged frauds such as Enron.

Dahna Logan

Dahna is a California native who grew up in San Diego. She has been involved with volunteer work since she was a teenager. Dahna is very passionate about her desire to help. She has worked with organizations helping at-risk parents and children and at-risk domestic and wild animals.  Dahna graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 2001 where she obtained a B.A. in Psychology with honors and a B.A. in Art focusing on Photography. Dahna is the Owner / Photographer for Dahna Logan Photography.