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Mitchelle Woodson

Mitchelle Woodson joined the Think Dignity staff in 2017 as the Staff Attorney for the Homeless Youth Legal Advocacy Project. As the Staff Attorney, Mitchelle directly represented homeless and at-risk youth in their criminal defense matters. Moreover, she maintained relationships with community partners to aid in pairing each client with social services, housing programs, counseling, high school and college courses, job readiness and internships.

Karissa Freeman

Karissa Freeman is a United States Navy Veteran, who served from 2014-2017 in Great Lakes, Illinois, San Diego, California, and Norfolk, Virginia.  Karissa has been doing volunteer work with those in need for as long as she can remember, and was introduced to her love of volunteering by her mother when she was a young child.  She has worked with helping animals, children, and adults in various stages of need through her extensive background in volunteer work.

Christine Lopez

Christine Lopez serves as Think Dignity's Volunteer and Resource Coordinator. In this role, she is tasked with training and managing our Dignity Defenders, or community and corporate partners who volunteer alongside our program events.
She also collaborates with local service providers and organizations throughout San Diego County to establish low-barrier resource hubs and create holistic environments at our events.

Dalia Hernandez

Dalia Hernandez serves as Think Dignity's Mobile Operations of Dignity (MOD) Squad Programs Coordinator. In this role, she oversees the daily operations of our three mobile programs - Fresh Start Showers, Street Boutique, and Street Cafe
- and coordinates and strengthens partnerships with local service providers, non-profit organizations, and corporate supporters.

Merlynn Watanabe

Merlynn Watanabe serves as Think Dignity's Programs and Operations Manager. In this capacity, she is responsible for managing the Mobile Operations of Think Dignity programs, in addition to coordinating aspects of its Basic Dignity Coalition meetings and committees. She is also responsible for overseeing the day to day administration of the organization. Merlynn holds a Master of Arts in Peace and Justice Studies from the University of San Diego and Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from Soka University of America.