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Our Beginnings

We’re as diverse as those we serve. Think Dignity started as Girls Think Tank, a name which spoke to our creation.

On October 5, 2006, nine women gathered for dinner at co-founder Rachel Jensen’s home to discuss the challenges of homelessness. The ladies passed many of their displaced neighbors on the streets and it was becoming increasingly clear that a few bucks here, a meal there, were only temporarily helpful. They desired a tangible way to restore basic dignity to these individuals and understood these unhoused neighbors were citizens too. Each person had their own story: mothers and fathers, someone’s child, a man forgotten after becoming disabled during war. Many endured great tragedy.

That night, the female professionals decided to call themselves Girls Think Tank, originating from “girlfriends.” 

Now named Think Dignity, the organization has grown, and is many members strong and our efforts are reaching the masses. From our original project – distributing survival backpacks to those living on the streets during the coldest months – to standing with them at City Council, we’ve learned that by speaking and acting out, real change occurs. 

We are the proud recipients of San Diego Channel 10 News’s 2008 Leadership Award for our work on homelessness, firmly establishing our organization as a vital group of community change makers.

Think Dignity is a federal 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and California public benefit corporation.