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Our Mission


Think Dignity's mission is to inspire, empower, and organize our community to advance basic dignity for those living on the streets.

Think Dignity provides a way for citizens like you to become hands-on change agents in San Diego.

Our strength lies in our collaborative, volunteer-based model. Each of us doing our small part makes a big difference, and working together can make the world a better place. We mobilize our community partners and volunteers to accomplish our collective goals. Our success story is not grandiose, but comes from small steps taken every day. We call this micro-activism at its finest.

The model is simple:  We hold monthly open forums at the Basic Dignity Coalition  to discuss issues impacting our community. Upon identifying the issue, we gather information and conduct on-the-ground research. From there, we craft community-based solutions to the challenge, including coalition building, organizing, and advocacy.

Our efforts result in meaningful change here in San Diego, such as the expansion and growth of the Transitional Storage Center.