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Food, Clothing, and Hygiene

Grants for Native Americans

Our website provides detailed information on native american grants that could help low income individuals and families [ two parent and single parent ] with grants and scholarships. Assistance is offered free of cost to eligible families who can offer sufficient documentation to prove financial hardship. 

Big Sister League of San Diego

The League has two homes in Bankers Hill/Hillcrest area, offering transitional housing for 34 mentally ill, homeless and/or abused women. Referral to the housing program comes from psychiatric hospitals, crisis homes and social service agencies throughout the County. The women have three meals prepared daily by our staff. Each home is staffed 24-hours a day.

Gary and Mary West Senior Wellness Center

The Gary and Mary West Senior Wellness Center dispels everything you ever thought you knew about aging in San Diego. Visitors to the Center are amazed when they see the bright, modern design and feel the high energy vibe throughout the building. Seniors of all ages and backgrounds come for the daily meals and stay for so much more. Our comfortable Dining Room seats 200 seniors and we are the only senior center who serves fresh and healthy meals 365 days a year. (A nominal donation is suggested but no one will be turned away if unable to pay.)