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Survival Distribution

Survival Supplies Distribution:

In 2011, we began our signature distribution program providing much-needed survival supplies: underwear, socks, water, and hygiene products for the homeless. TD and its volunteers distribute these supplies to our displaced neighbors - once during the summer and, again in the winter.


As soon as we have dates for our 2020 mid-year and winter distributions, we will let you know. Thank you to all those who participated and donated much-needed items to distribute. Thank you to all those who volunteered for our recent 2019 Winter Survival Supply Distribution held on Sunday, December 8th - thankfully the rain waited until we were done.

We are still seeking a minimum of 100 donations each for brand new sweaters and underwear for men and women (sizes S-XXL), as well as personal hygiene items (shampoo, soap, deodorant, combs), so please contact Merlynn Watanabe (merlynn@thinkdignity.org) if you are interested in donating any of these items.

If you are interested in supporting Think Dignity with an in-kind donation, for items we are always in need of, click here

Items needed: (please plan to donate a minimum of 100 of one type of item)

Clothing Hygiene
Men's boxers (all sizes) Adult briefs
Rain Ponchos Hairbrush
Scarves Hand sanitizer
Winter/Knit Hats Medicated lip balm
Winter gloves Shampoo/Conditioner
Women's underwear (all sizes) Soap (face and body)
  Toothbrush & toothpaste
Family Items Outdoors
Books (including children's) Blankets
Children's toys Duffle bags/backpacks
Dog food Flashlights/lanterns (w/batteries)




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