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San Diego coalition kicks off week of action ‘to end police violence’ 
with proposed reforms
By Alex Riggins, 7/7/20

A coalition of racial and social justice groups on Monday kicked off a week of planned actions by calling on law enforcement agencies 
in San Diego County to enact a package of policies aimed at increasing police accountability and decreasing police presence in minority 


Police Oversight Group Unveils New Ideas for SDPD Accountability  
By Monica Garske, 7/6/20

A police oversight group unveiled a new set of ideas Monday to improve accountability within the San Diego Police Department.
The Coalition for Police Accountability and Transparency (CPAT) met virtually at 10 a.m. to unveil a policy package called “Police
Accountability Now.” The group urged local governments to adopt the plan amid the local and national calls for police reform.

The local coalition is made up of community and legal groups including the ACLU of San Diego and Imperial counties, Think Dignity, 
and Community Advocates for Just and Moral Governance.


MTS Won't Provide Answers on the True Costs of Fare Enforcement

We’ve repeatedly asked MTS to provide data that would shed light on the true cost of its aggressive fare enforcement.
So far, the agency hasn’t provided any answers.

Transit officers swarm a trolley platform in La Mesa, checking for unticketed passengers. / Photo by Jamie Scott Lytle


Meet Mitchelle Woodson

Today we’d like to introduce you to Mitchelle Woodson, Executive Director and Managing Attorney of Think Dignity
Mitchelle, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.



Have you ever thought about homelessness? 

Well if you haven't, listen to this podcast. Hosts Anjali and Co-host Sohana are going to talk with the experts Jacob, Moiz, and Preston and learn about homelessness with you!


‘It’s as bad, if not worse, than I anticipated’ — UN appointee gets a look at San Diego homelessness

AUG. 15, 2019

Leilani Farha travels the world to report to the United Nations on homelessness, housing and economic equality, and this week she is visiting San Diego.
A United Nations appointee who has traveled the world to research housing affordability and homelessness turned her sights on San Diego this week
during a visit that involved tours of homelessness encampments and meetings with local officials.



Think Dignity Leader Has a History of Fighting for Social Justice
January 27, 2019
By Gary Warth, UT

Emily Howe is still new at her job, but she's on familiar ground as the new executive director of Think Dignity, a San Diego organization that provides 
services for people living on the street.


Anne Rios: A Passion for Social Justice

October 18, 2018
By Andrea Lopez-Villafaña

Anne Rios

Just a day before speaking to Anne Rios, executive director and managing attorney of Think Dignity, she was sitting on a panel alongside other experts getting ready to interview City Council candidates on how they plan to address homelessness in San Diego.


Anne Ríos: Una Pasión por la Justicia Social

October 18, 2018, Por Andrea López-Villafaña
Justo un día antes de hablar con Anne Ríos, directora ejecutiva y abogada de Think Dignity, ella estaba participando en un panel junto a otros expertos que se preparaban para entrevistar a los candidatos del Ayuntamiento sobre cómo planean abordar la falta de vivienda en San Diego.


Dignity through showers

East and North County welcome them, but not so much central San Diego - By Oct. 24, 2018

"Choice is something a lot of service providers and volunteers trying to provide help to others don't often consider," Think Dignity director Anne Rios tells me when we sit down at her group's North Park offices on 30th Street in mid-October.



Think Dignity: Nueve años ayudando a las personas sin hogar en SD

Think Dignity es una organización sin fines de lucro que trabaja en pro de la dignidad de las personas sin hogar en San Diego. Sus programas incluyen desde suministro de agua potable, alimentos y artículos de primera necesidad, hasta asesoría legal para quienes viven en la calle.


Conversations with the Inspiring Anne Rios

Today we’d like to introduce you to Anne Rios.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Anne. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
I am a native San Diegan, who was raised in Southeast San Diego. I left to attend college at UC Berkeley and moved back to pursue my law degree at California Western.




Opinion: Hospitals Shouldn’t Release Homeless Back onto The Streets By Anne Rios, In Opinion, 8/11/18

A woman fights back tears as she describes how staff at a San Diego hospital dismissed her pleas to help a homeless man - confused and still in his hospital gown
- who had been discharged from the hospital with nowhere to go as the night turned cold. The hospital’s reply was just as icy: Don’t you know there are too many to help?


Positve Adventures

Think Dignity is included in Positive Adventures 13 San Diego Charities Leading the Way in Service! 


Criminalizing Poor People Adds Insult To Injury
. . . There are ways to address homelessness that are compassionate, humane and just.  
By Anne Rios



We are excited to announce that we have been selected as the first recipient for Lyft's Community Grant! The award, which provides $1,000 in ride share credits, will allow us to to provide necessary transportation for those living on the streets to attend appointments and travel throughout San Diego in a dignified and timely manner. Many thanks to Lyft for supporting and believing in our work!

ACLU Defending Tony Diaz: No ‘Criminal Act of Living in a Vehicle,’ by Ken Stone, 3/5/18



San Diego ABC 10 news stories on sexual assault in East Village


 Lawyers Restore Dignity to People in Need, by Quinton Skinner, CWSL 11/30/17

Local Group Fights Hep A Outbreak, by Amanda Brandeis, ABC-10 News, 10/19/17

10-19-17_TD Hep A.jpg

California Is Trying To Fight A Deadly Hepatitis A Outbreak, by Allison McCann, Vice News 10/17/17

Homeless community suing city of San Diego [Scripps Media Inc., Bree Steffen, Maria Estrada, 7/17/17]


In poverty himself, 'Water Man' is fearless saint of San Diego's homeless [The San Diego Union-Tribune, Dan McSwain, 6/4/17]

Chula Vista homeless get day to reconnect with community [The San Diego Union-Tribune- By Allison Sampit-Montecalvo, 3/28/17]

Tampons Are a Necessity, Not a Luxury - Basic feminine products are hard to come by when you're broke. [Vice Impact-By Helania Hovitz, 3/24/17

SD Public Library hosts a 'Human Library' [CBS8.com - 3/11/17]

Human Library Event A Reminder Not To Judge Others ‘By Their Covers’ [By City News Service, Megan Burks, 3/11/17]

Decade of Dignity Gala 2016 – The Think Dignity Gala Raised Over $30,000 [By Bree Garcia, November 2016]

Officials at odds over government providing storage lockers for homeless [The Sun-By Joe Nelson, 8/27/16]

Comunidad Indigente [Noticiasya.com, 8/17/16]

Barriers – and Solutions – on the Road to Ending Homelessness [Voice of San Diego-By Lisa Halverstadt, 7/17/16]

Mobile showers launched in Chula Vista [The San Diego Union-Tribune-By Gary Warth, 4/15/16]

Nonprofit to offer mobile showers for homeless [By Gary Warth, 1/26/16]