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Transitional Storage Center (TSC)

The TSC is a place for homeless individuals to safely store their personal belongings, allowing them to use public transportation, job hunt, work, attend classes, meet with health professionals and other service providers, and begin to transition off the streets, while freeing the streets of over 30,000 pounds of personal belongings. It is a win-win solution for all. 

The TSC was started in 2011 due to a settlement won against the City of San Diego, which involved homeless individuals whose belongings were wrongfully taken and destroyed by the City. Think Dignity took over operations and management of the TSC in 2012.

Think Dignity currently serves approximately 400 individuals every day, with 304 lockers and about 130 bins. Since Think Dignity took over operations, over 100 people have been able to gain employment, obtain housing, and move off the streets because of the TSC.  

The TSC is located at 252 16th Street, San Diego, at a lot owned by the San Diego Housing Commission, graciously provided for the use of the TSC. 

If you are interested in supporting Think Dignity with an in-kind donation, for items we are always in need of, click here


Bins are provided to clients free of charge.  Anyone living on the streets who is interested in obtaining a bin should visit the TSC during operating hours, Monday thru Friday from 7-11am and 4:30-7:30pm, or on Saturday from 8am-noon. 


Closed January 1, 2021 New Year's Day
Closed January 18, Martin Luther King Day
Closed February 15, President's Day
Closed May 27th, Memorial Day
losed July 4th
Closed September 6th, Labor Day
Closed November 11, Veteran's Day
Closed November 25, Thanksgiving Day
Closed December 24 from 12:00/noon Christmas Eve day
Closed December 25, Christmas Day
Closed December 31 from 12:00/noon New Year's Eve day

*The TSC is currently at full capacity, and there is a waitlist to obtain a bin. Please call our general line at (619)537-8736 for more information.

Without the support of our amazing donors, the TSC would not be able to continue. Think Dignity would like to thank the City of San Diego for providing financial support since 2014 via the San Diego Housing Commission, the San Diego Housing Commission for providing the location of the TSC, Sudberry Properties who has made a three year commitment towards Think Dignity, Duckett-Wilson for their generous donation towards the lockers, as well as the Anthony Robbins Foundation, Harbor City Church, and Downtown Fellowship of Churches and Ministries.

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Our Transitional Storage Center program is unique in how it operates and we hope that it motivates you to begin something similar in your own community!

If you are interested in learning more about the specific operations of the program, we encourage you to look at our materials available for a small donation. This donation will enable us to keep doing what we are doing – while also creating new, innovative solutions to issues surrounding homelessness. With each program we establish, we aspire to lead the way in encouraging others to continue efforts in advancing basic dignity for those living on the streets. Suggested donation $25.00.

You will receive our Transitional Storage Center Basic Manual within 24 hours, which includes:

- An overview of the program

- A description of the logistics involved in creating the program

- Pictures of our facilities

- A budget for our program

- Answers to your FAQ

- Examples of documents we created for our program, which can be used as a template for yours


Request TSC Manual


If you are interested in supporting Think Dignity with an in-kind donation, for items we are always in need of, click here


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