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Mod Squad: Street Boutique

We are happy to announce that our Street Boutique has virtually re-opened through our new website, which allows our homeless guests to "shop" for brand new undergarments and menstrual hygiene products online for free and have their orders safely prepared and delivered to them from our staff.

We kindly ask for your support in helping us continue to operate our Street Boutique during these difficult times by clicking the "Support the Street Boutique" button below to sponsor essential items for our unhoused guests.
If you have homeless clients who can utilize our services and are able to participate in our virtual Street Boutique, please contact our Programs Coordinator, Dalia Hernandez, at
dalia@thinkdignity.org to receive more information and be added to our waitlist of Street Boutique host sites.

The Street Boutique, part of Think Dignity’s MOD (Mobile Operations of Dignity) Squad, is aimed at providing homeless neighbors with access to menstrual and incontinence products, as well as new undergarments such as bras and underwear.

All products available at the Street Boutique will be available for “purchase” using a free token system, so the neighbors we serve have the opportunity to “shop” and choose a limited number of items to “purchase” from the boutique – whether it be a month’s worth of menstrual or incontinence products, several pairs of new underwear, a fancy bra, or any combination of products. Providing access to menstrual products, incontinence products, new bras and underwear will not only help restore basic dignity to homeless neighbors, but is also aimed at preventing unwanted physical health outcomes from lack of access to hygienic garments and products.

Additionally, access to these items will allow our neighbors to stay cleaner and healthier, may increase levels of self-esteem, and has the potential to increase the likelihood for someone to obtain a job or get off the streets.

Use the button below to support the Street Boutique

Support the Street Boutique


If you are interested in supporting Think Dignity with an in-kind donation, for items we are always in need of, click here


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