Know Your Rights Project (KYR)

Our Know Your Rights guides serve to respond to the rising criminalization rates of unhoused individuals and empower people experiencing homelessness by explaining their legal rights in areas of law most likely to affect them and enabling them to educate others. 

Know Your Rights
7 Areas of Law

Uniquely designed to be pocket-sized and weather-proof, this guide covers legal rights for 7 areas of law that often affects people experiencing homelessness.

Know Your Rights
Interacting with Law Enforcement

This tri-fold brochure provides information on your legal rights when interacting with law enforcement.

Know Your Rights
Encampment Ban Ordinance

This tri-fold brochure provides information on the legal rights of people experiencing homelessness who will be affected by the City of San Diego’s new encampment ban ordinance.

For more information and questions about your legal rights, please contact Mitchelle Woodson, our Executive Director and Managing Attorney, at